7 useful Digital Transformation Tools for Smart & Remote Working

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What is smart working & remote working and how it benefits companies?

DEFINITION: Smart & Remote Working is a concept that includes practicing methods and using tools to create a workspace online that is not effected by barrier of physical presence and performing teamwork and the company’s task in an efficient digital ecosystem.
Smart Working is a phrase making rounds in current global circumstances. Now more than ever all small to big businesses n need to undergo digital transformation and execute effective solutions to implement professional workspaces digitally with is without sacrificing growth and overlooking all kinds of physical barriers.
Working Remotely with all the organizational processes by employees executed online develops both collaborative and smooth productivity. Interacting with customers and managing meetings, deals, and prospects online without hitches creates an efficient business growth & transaction ecosystem.

A digital team creating an productive workplace has its benefits of flexibility, collaboration without limits of distance and positive environmental impact.

A team working from home does not mean that is any less efficient or sacrifices work time management & productivity. Here are some powerful and handy tools which can help your companies team undergo highly productive digital transformation and connect digital and create highly efficient workspace virtually.

Digital Team Management & Workflow Tools for Companies

Tools For Professional Online Conferences and Video Calls

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts


Personal productivity Apps:



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