Marketing is about grabbing attention and convince your viewer and that is why Video Marketing is the most powerful tool to make your message explained in short, concise, dynamic and engaging way.
Video marketing is growing on all Marketing Platforms and all the data points out that the trend is here to stay.
A video should not be about some takes and background music it should tie in with your message and brand in a cohesive way. Engaging content with sleek graphics and animations show a quality that sets you apart and thus influences decision making.
In the latest 2019 Internet Trends Report regarding the E-commerce & Marketing Trends, the use of video as main tool showed better targeting, engagement and high relevance. What does all this data mean?
It just signifies that investment in great video content will make you attain high-quality traffic. Traffic which is engaged has far more probability to make buying decisions from you.
Brands are increasing there percentage in video advertising on all platforms: Youtube Advertising, Google Display & Social Media  and it’s key to make use of the tool which drive consideration and results.

Videos are great to deliver following message:

  • Educational and explanation
  • Events and Live Broadcast
  • Brand Presentation
  • Introductory
  • Animated
  • Webinars
  • Testimonials
  • Brand Awareness
  • Question & Answer

Youtube and Vimeo are free open-source channels with millions of reach and high traffic and engagement levels. Take advantage of free traffic by taking advantage of in platform reach and increase traffic by promoting your content.

Here are some key metrics to analyze to see how your Video Content is performing. it is important that your agency look after these metrics as advertising is a game field which needs constant improvements.

Every Platform of Video posting be it Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube show specificities data and metrics and reading it from marketing point of view make your future MultiMedia post much more effective. Learning from your views what they want is the key.

  • Views & Watch Time
  • Comments and Shares
  • Click Through Rates
  • Conversions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Platform Metrics
With mobile tools and internet searches bringing people more & more closer to the there devices, Video Content Marketing has  taken over the need to make your ads seen on traditional media!
Message Reatainment
Shares & Likes
Inetrnet Traffic
The graph on right show percentage increase in key performance indicators when using Video Marketing as compared to basic traditional ads.
Quality Professional  Video show professional brand and good intent behind it. At I-IMAGE have a team of professional videographers and graphic designers which help create sleek engaging content which is well thought after to set you apart.
Video Production
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe After Effects
Rendering for all Social Sharing Platforms
Would you like to have professional project? Let’s talk about it!
Special offers
Upgrade your content! Invest in video content which can engage your audience and drive sales.
Video Content
Full HD / 4 K
Editing & Music
Ideal for buisness presentations
Drone Video
Full HD Drone Footage
Music & Editing
Ideal for Travel & Tourism
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphic Design
Ideal for Youtube, Social & Display Ads
Professional Video Openers
Tie in perfectally with your Branding
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