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There are milions of people in the world that are actively searching products, services and information that you offer so why not place your ad right infront on them?
Google is consistently ahead of other search engines all over the world on Desktop & Mobile. With millions of websites and competitive information online, using Google Ads is fast & effective way to place your products & services in front row. This will benefit your business goals by increasing visibility, traffic and more contacts.
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If increasing your business prospect by generating more traffic is your goal then Google Ads is the way to go.
Google Ads within your Digital marketing Strategy, places your activity ahead of other businesses already competing for the presence in the search results.
PPC Brings you significant visibility and traffic with WHILE waiting for your SEO efforts to bring any results.
The goal of search campaigns is tailor-made depending on your business needs i.e. contacts, leads, traffic or brand awareness.
And the best part is that you pay when people click, making it an amazing resource for USING for clicks that matter.


Google  Search Ads permit your ads to show you offers, products, service or information right in front of people searching for the relevant terms know as ‘key words’ in terms of advertising.

A great keyword combination permits you to stay on top of search results. Brings your results to the right people at the right time. It allows people to notice while actively searching and take action.

Google Display Ads appear on more than 2 million apps and sites across the internet making it perfect to gain exposure and reach people related to your business or customer interest. Visual and attractive when paired with Search Ads its and excellent way to engage people and influence conversions with an opportunity to present yourself to 90% of the people on the internet.

Display Ads bring your message in a visual way which makes it perfect to pair with it your brand and positioning goals and give a stable source to remarket people. I-IMAGE lay great emphasis on branding and visual identity as its one of the most lasting methods to influence consideration and allow people to know you better and take action.

Search Ads Only
Search Ads paired with Display Campaign

Shopping ads help you to bring your product inventory to google and helps to promote your e-commerce business by showing you products to the most valued people: the people actively searching and looking for a purchase. With shopping ads, you can outshine millions of site selling similar products and bring customer to the right product page and also promote your business with relevant promos and offers.

Video campaigns are super engaging thus people spend more time looking at what are you offering and a sleek video presentation drives more clicks and a chance to improve conversions. Make your message heard with I-IMAGE – an agency that brings strategy and identity under one step to maximize your campaign success rate. We take care of video production, editing, graphic animations to adapt all video marketing platform.

Work with people who understand the how paid search marketing functions and work for the RESULTS. Keyword planning, competitors analysis, bid adjustments, budget optimizations are some of the few key indicators to the success of any Google Ads campaign. We are dedicated to the performance and therefore keep our knowledge and expertise to the optimum by gaining recognition by Google itself.
Search Campaigns
Display Campaigns
Google Ads don’t work as expected or the Ad costs are too high are frequent remarks heard but there are reasons why some ads work and some campaigns pave the way to success. These are the FAQs & factors effecting campaign success!
How Google Ad Works ?
To advertise the group of keywords are identified which advertisers want to bid on and how much they want to spend. This information is paired with your text ad and shown in the search results. User finds the rest and click on the ad. Google decides when and where and to how many people to show your ad depending on your bid investment and ad quality.
How much Ad Campaign can cost using Google?
The investment depends mostly on the keyword competition, meaning how many people are bidding on it and how much they are willing to pay for it. Then comes the quality of your campaigns which is a list of points Google merits to keep the best performers always ahead. This helps to keep your campaign performing best without significantly paying on bidding.
A good way to start campaign is to take initiative with whatever your marketing budget is. A good agency studies the market and helps you find the best solutions within your budget. Invest see results and Reinvest with the better budget to scale your business.
How do I determine the Quality of my Google Ads? 
Google keep interest of buyers and audience the foremost that is why only raising budget is not the solution to have success. Google determines your ad quality based on the industry standards, the final user experience, and the account health. The good quality score helps you pay less on your bids and better conversions.
How Google Ads Bidding works ?

The bidding of Google is adapted to  your GOALS. The campaign bid strategy is directly related to what are your objectives. Is it visibility or is it leads? Is it based on location and certain time periods or is it targeted to a certain section of the audience. These are some of the factors that help decide which strategy is the best fit for you.

How can improve my KPI ?
 An agency that is focused on your success, maintains the health of your account and optimizes it to meet the Key Performance Indicators of Google. A campaign needs to be optimized not only for the ad but the final results and the landing page. With most searches of mobile phone, your web page optimized for all devices and page speed, the keyword quality, the ad relevancy and mesaaging are all factors which make or break the advertisement. 
I-IMAGE  keep track of the steps and necessities required not only as ad account manager but also taking care of website optimization.
How can I improve Google Ad account Quality ?

Keyword planning, competitors analysis, bid adjustments, budget optimizations are some of the few key indicators to the success of any Google Ads campaign. Work with people who understand and work for the RESULT. We are dedicated to the performance and therefore keep our knowledge and expertise to the optimum by gaining recognition by Google itself.
How imprtant is your Mobile Optimization & Speed?
 Mobile searches have increased and now we can not ignore the imapct of  mobile optimization and mobile loading time on ad quality. Recent data by Google shows an 80% increase in mobile searches. A normal desktop page might not your best friend on mobile search optimization. Slow pages can drop your quality score in Google Ads and even organic searches. Thus your agency must be ready to tackle such an issue by MOBILE FIRST approach and bring some solutions to the table.
Would you like to have professional project? Let’s talk about it!

Google Ads are not cheap but highly precious source of traffic! That’s why we take the process seriously so that you are not paying an ad but you are working with an agency that takes take of performance. We set up or manage Ad Account YOU OWN then WE take care of it.
Data Analysis & Keyword Reserch
An essential pre-requisite to understand the market and the competitors to plan better ad copy and landing pages. This helps us create better:
Ad Copy
Ad Design
Landing Page
Account Set Up
We set up the PPC account for you, or Restructure existing account to improve results & better management. Our Account set up Services include:
Campaign setup
Ad Group setup
Ad Copywriting
Keywords Setup
Audience Setup
Ad Testing
Extensions setup
Bid Optimization setup
Goal Tracking setup
Call Tracking setup
Ad Design (for display and remarketing campaigns)
Monthly Account Management
Our Monthly PPC Management include:
Bid Management
Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments
Geo-targeting Improvements
Keyword Management
Ad Copy Optimization and Testing
Landing Page Performance Review
Cost and Performance Analysis
Check-In Calls/Meetings
Monthly Campaign Performance Report
Monitoring & Optimisation
Once your ad campaign is launched an in-depth analysis of performance, auction insight and results to optimize the results and methodology.
We create Monthly Ad Reports with metrics that you care about!
We also offer weekly Calls/ Meetings if your business has a dynamic auction and message needs.
Remarketing & Retargeting
A most powerful tool to make use of the traffic generated via paid ads. Let your visitor reconsider and take action on your site.
Video & Media Production
Stay ahead of your competitors by using our video production and eye-catching graphics!
Special offers
Account setup is only a one-time fee. We are dedicated to constantly refining the PPC Campaigns that is why we run the campaign MANAGEMENT SERVICES on a monthly contract basis to keep up with the account health & Ad quality.  With changing bid prices and constantly improving features we manage Monthly Account Report. Depending on businesses we also curate in-depth audience setup & goal tracking. We create dedicated graphics for Display and Optimize Landing Pages so that your investment in clicks yield results.
Google Search Text Ad
Per Month
Search Campaign Set Up
Keyword Planning
Goal Tracking
Analytic Report
Bids & Extension Setup
Ad Copy Test Setup
Search & Display
Per Month
All Search Campaign Features +
Display Campaign
Graphics for Display
Placement Monitoring
Gmail Campaigns
Demographic Targeting
Search + Display + Video
Per Month
All Search Campaign Features +
Display Campaign
Video campaign Youtube+Display
Youtube Metrics
Demographic Targeting
Audience Targeting Setup
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