With millions of site competing for similar content and Google’s ever-changing algorithms, only one strategy for SEO is permament i.e. Content Is King. In the end quality content is what is premiered on rankings. Stuffing your copy with keywords won’t deliver results ON NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL search levels.
Create content which your audience and search ranking both will appreciate.
Look after following strategies/checkpoints to gain Search Rankings:
  • Check for regularly Google Site Rank on the organic searches.
  • Rankings heavily depend on the Page Quality Factor. Check & review often.
  • Analyze how useful is the page is to intended visitors, what is the user experience especially on mobile.
  • Is the content original and related to the search query?
  • Is your page retaining visitors? How high is the Bounce Rate?
  • How long ago the site was published, it usually takes about 35 weeks to start showing results on Pages.
  • How much quality multimedia content is being used.
  • Are you running SEO Diagnosis to remove errors and to gain & retain rankings?
  • How Informative & Educational content is on the sites which have to retain authority.
  • How many KEYWORDS  are used which are ranking searches?
Before starting on site SEO its important to scan and check for important Ranking factors which can make or break your position on organic search!
We follow Googles Own Guidline to help improve Search Quality

We run on site  keyword audit.  We also do a keyword research related  to the industry and scan your relevant competitors. This helps creates content that is not keyword-stuffed but rather keyword relevant. A Content which is useful and original.

We scan the site for factors that might affect the ranking even if the content is good. These factors are usually User Experience related e.g site speed, mobile optimization, SSL Certificate and the broken links .

Backlinks are still important ranking factors and if you have fulfilled all the requirements and still not ranking Top of The Page, its time to implement Backlinks. Sharing is Caring if your content is good enough it needs to be shared, liked and commented as well. Quality Backlinking is more time consuming but results pay off with solid Ranking on Google.

Keep the performance in track by connecting  and  frequently checking the reports on Googles Search Console & Analytics to see what content is underperforming and work to improve it. Certain software usage will further keep a regular tracking of your positioning & room for improvements.

Though results are not immediate or traffic is not as easy to get as Paid Search Ads, but attaining Top ranking Pages is great source to have permanent free traffic.
Taking care of the following factors let your content shine: 
Site Speed
SSL Certification
Mobile Friendly
Broken Site Links
Mobile Friendly
Quality Multimedia
Copywright Issues
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SEO Strategy is a long term well thought after plan. We believe in constantly refining the content to help your RANKINGS grow.
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