With billions of users across ever-growing social media platforms the Social Media Marketing is a TOP source of finding online leads.
Everyone from small brick and mortar business to big industries knows the power of Social Media and are cashing in benefits of its reach. An experienced and strategic social media marketing agency gives you an edge over the majority of sponsored posts and gets off real results & profits.
 Facebook and Instagram Feed are now filled with sponsored posts competing for attention there is a significant drop in organic reach of posts within these platforms. This simply implies the need for a more specific and strategic approach.
Your Social Media is now more about the relationship built via awareness and engagement with your followers or audience rather than the number of followers or likes.
Thousands of followers or likes or spending on campaigns using Promote Button without any real effect on the Sales is pointless.
Your loyal follower or engaged audience is the who listens to your message and takes action on your website.
All this implies that there is no useful benefit of SMM without STRATEGY. 
This how we do plan for your effective SMM for YOU:
  • We create quality visuals, graphics & ad copy to set you apart and transmit your message.
  • We implement a step by step plan which moves towards more sales, leads & contacts to reach your business goals.
  • We work to generate quality traffic by building an audience that is designed to take action on your web page.
  • We track your Social Media Traffic through Google Analytics and check performance through Native Platform Metrics.
  • We continuously test & optimize all key performance indicators on FB campaigns.
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat & Tik Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Increase in Brand Awareness
  • Increase Web Site Traffic
  • Increase engagement with your previous clients
  • Increase new prospects

All these platform do now thing best: that is raising brand awareness and create relationship with your audience. If they actively engage on your feed it is highly probable they will take action on your site.

Thinking about which platform to choose?  It depends on your needs and goals.

  • With Facebook owning Instagram & Whatsapp, it still remains most used and one of the best to advertise using Metrics & Analytics.
  • A younger audience who needs some awareness will probably respond to Tik Tok.
  • Want to show your ad next to trending news and headlines then Twitter is the option.
  • With Youtube you are not showing content you are placing content on a Search Engine on its own
  • Pinterest, LinkedIn is best to source and target audiences with specific interests.

Concentrating on growing your social media presence helps you engaged and connect with the audience in a permanent way. The alogarithm only shows your content to the people if they are engaged. Grow your social media engagement by following these highly effective basics:

  • Setting your niche: clear, coherent & persistent content which convey yor specialty and sets you apart.
  • Being consistent: Post often and regularly to build your presence and reach.
  • Use Page Insights: See what works and how people are responding to optomise and grow your content strategy.
  • Be connected: Stay in touch, respond to comments, questions and DMs.
  • Build Trust: Credibility and Reliable content which is useful rather than just a click-bait.
  • Mobile Optimization: If you are linking social mdia content to web pages make sure the page is mobile friendly.
We focus on the Facebook Advertising Platform and build our strategy specifically around the powerful marketing techniques it offers. With our emphasis on content creation strategy & using analytics to track social metrics our SMM Plan is about results & measurable ROI!
This data shows MONTHLY users of social media in millions around the world. Since social media platform thrive on engagement and retaining users, it’s only profitable to use smart advertising techniques which capture attention to reach this large amount of audience. Social Media Presence might not drive immediate direct sales but prepare a fertile ground to create awareness and influence audience towards decision making.
Your social media profiles should be optimized to your buisness needs: Sales, Contacts, Engagements.
  • Facebook: 2449 Million
  • Youtube : 2000 Million
  • Instagram : 1000 Million
  • Others : less than 1 Million
At I-IMAGE we believe in curated content and business-oriented advertising. We understand the need of the clients and PLAN  social media strategy which should help them augment there audience. We depend heavily or social media metrics, data insights and A/B testing to find the sweet spot of success.


  • Analysing the market & setting goals
  • Create eye catching content differentiating you from others and setting your brand identity.
  • Mix of graphics, visuals, multimedia to promote your message
  • Identifying the right audience
  • Content Calendar & Automation
  • Teach your Social Media Manager
  • Awareness based SMM
  • Conversion based SMM
  • Targeting Techniques and Analytics
  • Calculate ROI on social media campaigns
Would you like to have professional project? Let’s talk about it!
Special offers
Be Social! Let a professional team to help you create engaging content. Create Profits by using Smart Social Campaigns. We offer monthly plans to fit in the need of constant social media presence. We also offer consultency for your in house Social Media Manager.
Per Month
3 post per Month
1 campaign per month
Page Insights
Content Calender
Remarketing & Retargeting
A/B Testing
Facebook & Instagram
Per Month
6 post per month on Facebook
6 post oer month on Instagram
1 campaign per month on FB & IG
Dedicated Graphic Design
Content Calender
Remarketing & Retargeting
Content Calender
Per Month
30 day Content Calender 
Video Content 
Qualified Audience
Campaigns with A/B Testing
Remarketing & Retargeting
Campaign KPI Resport + 
!We create a dedicated social media strategy which delivers branding design, message & results
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