What is Digital Marketing and how it can boost your business?

Digital Marketing is using online tools and digital platform to connect with the online audience.
We are living in the age of digital transformation and the audience’s attention has diverted from Traditional Marketing Platforms e.g billboards, magazines and cold center calls to their phones and electronic devices.
Marketing is about finding your audience at the right place at the right time and put your message across so that they become aware, consider and decide.

For who can digital marketing work for?

Your audience regardless of which field or industry you belong is simply spending more time on Google and Facebook. The time and attention of people on these platforms is how they are making more and more revenue. This is why using these platforms helps you increase your revenue as well. A Digital Marketing Agency use online marketing tactics to bring brand awareness and lead generation which bring you towards your ultimate goal i.e more clients & buyers.

What Digital Marketing Platform should you choose?

It is important to decide based on your budget and industry which platform should you choose and dedicate most time and energy into so that the results are fruitful. But ideally taking the 3-way approach i.e SEO for organic traffic, Google Ads for reaching people actively searching for what you offer, and Social media to implement brand awareness and brand placement is an efficient and effective way to boost leads.

What are the main Digital Marketing Platforms?

Every platform deliver your message. Effective Message brings attentions and help you find leads.

Using Google to communicate Message:

Reach the people right when they are searching what you offer. Use the largest Search Engine and the tools it offers to connect, present and advertise.

Using Social Media to make people notice you:

Social Media is not for people actively searching but where people are actively participating. Reach people to spread the word, start a conversation and know more about you where they are spending more time.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Using other Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Pinterest


The backbone of any cooperate business is fast and effective email marketing. Your marketing list is what you have spent years of effort & budget on aquiring. Therefore its key to tap into your aquired resource by using effective Email Management & Communication Tools.

More digital MARKETING Tools:

Chat Bots, UX Design,

How to measure results, ROI and scale your business?

Web marketing based on a solid strategy goes hand in hand with a precise and efficient goal measurement. Taking into account all the important Key Performance Indicators with the Goal Tracking helps to pinpoint what is working and what needs improvement. All this Data gained via Google Analytics, Hubspot Software, Tracking Technologies, and above all a marketing team that helps you achieve this is the open secret of marketing success.

What to look for a in a Digital Marketing Strategist

A strategy needs knowledge and Experience. Look after what Google, Facebook and Hubspot TRUST and give certifications to. These certifications are yearly exams and keep the marketer up to date to all software and technique evolution. At smart our strategists are qualified and you will work with Google Search & Display Certified, Hubspot Sales, and Inbound Software Certified and Facebook Digital Marketing Associate. Trust the talent and knowledge and get results.
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